In the Greek pages of our official website new issues appear since January 2007 in the so-called "Every 1st of the month" webpage. Such an activity is not yet possible to promote in the English pages. Thus, in the present webpage new topics are only sporadically presented. To facilitate the readers each new topic is published along with the title and the date of appearance on the English front page, while elder issues are kept herewith in a chronological order.


28 Jannuary 2011: Remarks on the use of the words «race, slavery and racism» - Abstract of 29 December 2010


25 December 2010: Happy 2011 New Year for all humans of any biocultural adaptation to the various Earth’s geographic environments - along with two comments regarding the statement against racism of 5th October 2010.


10 Jannuary 2010: Y chromosome under the Popi Tsapanidou "microscope".

July - August 2009: The Virtual tour to the «Acropolis of Europe»: petralona-cave.gr.

7 May 2009: Proto-Europeans NET TV & TEXT.


1 May 2009: The first known Accrete (conjoint) twins ("siamese") and triplets (Cteatus - Eurytus and Geryon) By Dr Athanassios G. Tsoukandas.

10 Jannuary 2009: THE “GLOBAL WARMING” FROSTS.




24 December 2007:  OVERPOPULATION cannot advance international reconciliation and cooperation in view of any climatic changes. 

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