July - August 2009



A new worldwide originality of A.A.G. concerns the internet virtual tour to the Cave and the Anthropological Museum of the Petralonian Archanthropuses. Worth also mentioning is that as Acropolis of Europe the Petralona Cave was named in 1979 by Vidyarti, Academician from Bombay and Director of Indian Antiquities. After his visiting the Cave, he genuflected in front the entrance and kneeled the ancestors of the contemporaneous European populations (: from the Atlantic ocean till India – through Alps, Caucasus, Arabia) saying: «Parthenon is the Acropolis of Athens, Petralona Cave is the Acropolis of Europe». Moreover, the obvious common anthropological origin of the peoples living in this broad geographical area, as well as the linguistic kinship for most of them, led to the scientific term of the "Indo-European homoethny of languages".

On the other hand the unsuccessful effort nominating some "Indo-Europeans" as a people that existed sometimes and somewhere (in Persia or the Baltiks), is not only groundless upon any archaeological data, but disorients the corresponding research, widowing the international science from the discoveries (already since 1973) as regards the anthropology in combination to the very old (at least Upper-Palaeolithic ~ 35.000 years) and always Hellenic speaking Sarakatsani from Pindos Mountains, the closest relatives to the Petralonian Archanthropuses, as the starting point of the Europaeoids' common origin and their languages.

Part of the total expenses (less than 10%) for the construction of the new web site, which is synopsizing a work of decades, was supported by the courteous donation (25.000 Euro) of the E.U. program E-Services. 

The initial presentation of the new site took place during the 15th International Congress of Spelaeology (20 and 22 July 2009, at Kernville, Texas, USA), as well as the 16th World Congress of Anthropology (31 July 2009, at Kunming, China).



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