The global warming frosts (1st of January 2009)

Nickos Poulianos and Dimos Eleftheriou


A huge scientific fraud is unfolded in front of the eyes of humankind during last few years, as regards global warming, and this time indeed at the peak of electronics and satellite technology. Behind this fraud stand financial interests related to the management of global energy and other stocks (food, water, raw material), with a mouthpiece 2-3 thousands politicians, scientists, journalists, and unfortunately many environmental organizations, which spread the relevant news uncritically.


What do they raise, as the most important argument, is that the large quantities of carbon dioxide emissions have resulted in the so-called greenhouse effect. Namely, the allegedly augmenting of global temperatures between 1980-2000 is due to the industrial consumerism, but also to the mere breath of humans and animals on the planet, with incalculable consequences for global warming and rising sea levels.



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During August 2005, the Anthropological Association of Greece (A.A.G.) took part in the 14th World Congress of Spelaeology organized in Kalamos (Attica). Given the coexistence of participants from around the world, various discussions usually break in. One of them focused on climate changes and their consequences in the caves. Distinguished geologists have noted that what is spread about global warming are unfounded rumors, since the global climate is not affected by human activity, but mainly from astrophysical phenomena. To the question how is possible all the media and the environmental organizations to be caught victims of such a fraud, the answer was laconic: These are politics with economic background.


Admittedly we were initially startled. But the issue was very serious, with important implications even for the future of humanity. Thus, members of the A.A.G. began a survey of international literature. Then noticed the following inexplicable phenomenon: on the one hand, by ~99,9%, there were reports by global warming fans, on the other few who disagreed sporadically. Among the first, except for the media, was Al Gore, known by his participation in humanitarian and ecological disasters caused recently in the Balkans and SE Europe in general. On the other shore, some distinctive voices of scientific bodies, which instead accept primarily causes for climate change astrophysical phenomena, also showing that the most likely scenario is a forthcoming slight cooling and not global warming. In this case it would be even desirable to have the phenomenon of global warming in order to stem the expected cold, which certainly will have much more disastrous consequences than a little more heat. That is because, apart from freezing, cooling also causes drought, as when oceans cool water vapors decrease. Contrary to what is disseminated, the warm climate does not cause drought, but more mild rain (as in the tropics), while the cold one causes extreme natural phenomena (p. ex. hurricanes).

We also noticed that the global warming supporters:
A) Never faced the actual scientific questions posed by the other side, B) Threw mud vehemently and suspiciously at those who had a different opinion, as paid by oil companies, C) Exploited - misinforming - to the outmost the urban heat island effect (due to cement) and D) strongly overbid regarding ice melting in the poles (which anyway melt during the summer and reshape during winter), selectively presenting in the media only the summer melting. Depending on the particular local conditions ice melts more elsewhere, and less in other places. It is however more important what happens with temperatures on an annual basis and on a global scale. For example, coastal ice of Greenland was melting until two years ago a little more, but much less in the Antarctic, with a final melting of the total ice relatively smaller, which leads to a cooling of the planet.


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Aware of how the issues of Petralona cave in Macedonia - Greece are treated for half a century now, even with distortions of facts, we got strongly concerned. With announcements to the European Congresses of Anthropology, International and National Conferences of Spelaeology, as well as our web site (24 December 2007), we shared our engrossments, also seeking the reasons why we are bombarded by lies voluntarily or not.


Rigorous studies (increasingly confirmed by satellites, see CERN -, as well as NASA -, show that the Earths climate is influenced almost exclusively by cosmic radiation. The more of it hits earths surface, the more clouds are created, driving to colder and drier climate. What mainly protects us from super-bombardment of cosmic rays is the magnetic field of the Sun (less of our planet), which also fluctuates periodically. Since around the new year of 2009 the solar magnetic field is unexpectedly very low, more cold is caused on Earth, something that especially this winter is more than obvious to the residents of the northern hemisphere. No one these days dare speak in favor of global warming, unless he does not care to become completely groundless, as for example claiming that the most intensive recent snow falls are due to the greenhouse effect or that the corals in Australia do not grow enough because of global warming (once it is widely known that they grow more when the weather is hot). It is very likely, however, that the warming fans persistence occurs another time next summer, again unrealistic and without any interest in scientific documentation.





In good faith, we initially assumed that probably in order to rapidly reduce environmental pollution, the masterminds considered necessary to spread these false news. But, regardless of the achiavellian - perverse of the matter, if the opposing voices were right, and not those on the global warming, and given that the interests of the few (who unfortunately often lie) do not necessarily coincide with the common benefit, the things were getting a very dangerous and misleading turn. P. ex. the priorities for infrastructure are totally different for the countries convinced that we are going to be heated, and other actions are needed for adaptation in the opposite direction. The excessive profits of the masterminds by the disorientation of priorities may again become enormous. They may at most make an apology later that it was a mistake (supposedly not intentionally, claiming that they did not know that things are heading in the opposite direction).

Oil stocks dry and some promote the use of monopolies nuclear energy as necessary. Then why, instead of the imminent cooling, global warming is accentuated, which would require also less energy? It is not easy to monitor all the perversity of people machinating global crises and how they calculate their profits. Firstly, however, they must explain why they set up an entire mechanism of lies and mislead the nations of the planet? In these scenarios warmongering plans for extermination of millions of people may be added and/or targeting in the different value of the land. E.g. if people are informed that in C. Asia, S. Europe and C. America a desertification would occur, instead of maintaining a likely comparatively mild climate, extra profits should be expected again for cunning, who are aware of what will happen, perhaps even in a longer term basis. The recent burning of Asia Minor, California, Euboea, Peloponnese, Portugal etc., with thousands of casualties (in deaths and despaired survived), the continuing deforestation of the Amazon and Indochina, arent they similar such cases? The Maldives inhabitants fearing already that the ocean would allegedly cover their islands, due to the global warming, are pressed to massively immigrate and sell of their precious lands.


As regards the emission of carbon dioxide, a well-known fact is overlooked that it is the innocent plant food (through photosynthesis), as well as that the rate of the man-made CO2 is insignificant compared to that of the total found in nature. Thus, we would not be surprised if in the future some try to tax even our breath (according to the popular saying). However, what we consider should become clear is that the contamination of the environment (which anyway should be faced immediately and drastically), is something totally different from the misleading argument on global warming. In few words where super-consumerism is in fact the grate problem, we should not accuse... natures (or cows) breathing. Also, in addition to the above, overbidding the importance of carbon dioxide emissions, new green products are promoted far more easily, such as cars and airplanes or weapon systems and cigarettes. Turnover of trillions... while many peoples do not have food enough if not at all. It is very recent the crisis with the biofuels, which led on the one hand to famine problems more than 33 peoples in various countries (decreasing the agricultural - farming lands) and on the other to environmental degradation (again at the expense of the forests).


As previously mentioned, desertification brings cold rather than warm, which is basically the only common point of the two opposing reviews. But why are we disoriented that a global warming supposedly will happen? It is at all not unlikely, away from the actual information of the peoples, that plans unknown at the moment to be weaved, for further projects in vain, and other economic games, with the involvement of some unknown but of known inefficiency technological applications. E.g. regeneration of fallow land, again through solutions of dubious application and the process of hidden intelligence reports as those that rarely see the light of publicity.


An analogous forgotten scientific fraud on a global scale, which fortunately took only a few weeks, occurred at the end of the last century concerning the possibility of holding plasma as an alternative energy source. It was announced that a European great countrys nuclear physics laboratory, apparently succeeded in producing marketable energy from plasma. In minutes, dozens of laboratories followed worldwide (approximately 70), to confirm the relevant experiment, in a naive effort everyone to be the 2nd or 3rd etc ranked in the most modern nuclear laboratories. As the plasma temperature reaches millions of degrees Celsius (like in the Sun too), this possibility was not ultimately achieved. The result of the project was questioned only by a small central European countrys laboratory, that has proved the announcement wrong, and then the others tacitly accepted it.


There are many more examples of deliberate deception over the centuries that can be reported. E.g. the alleged violent nature of humans (although the presence for ~ 90% of the historic journey of our species is warless) or the concealment of the real democratic laws and rules. Some are close to convince everyone that violence and war are intertwined and/or identified with the civilization.


Thus, if they had not left the few independent but honest voices in scientific literature referred above, and as most people can not see what is happening in the poles, reasonably we all would be still under the influence of global warming, protecting virtually bizarre financial interests. About two months ago a Greek television station ran a program on the issue, moving on to a soft hooves alarm of the public. In response the warmists, amid prolonged snowstorm in North America, pushed immediately news about greenhouses. However the beginning has been made, and it is certain that the fraud will eventually be revealed. But questions remain whether the disorientation will continue to crawl as an appropriate strategy or its condemnation and elimination will be managed?


Anyway fact is that virtually no measures have been started yet to promote humanitys self-protection, while there are strong marks of a worsening situation. As examples are mentioned here: 1) the need for decentralization and reforestations, 2) a reconciliationunified list for elections (according to the Swiss way), 3) a peaceful global overpopulation control and 4) a gradual at any rate rehabilitation of the societies, away from financial bubbles of the system, which is built during last centuries without any provision against its self-destructive trends.


In this way, we are all in danger of a unique swirl (the equivalent of many tsunami) with insurmountable effects on even the few, which in turn still deceive themselves that they may overcome everything without the democratic participation and consent of most people. The only benefit from all the above, is that both views ring the bell alarm concerning the dramatic conditions that already humans are facing. The danger is that practically no measures are proposed, in order not to injure big, but completely provisional, economical interests. Thus, under the ecological pretext, the environmental sensibilities of the world citizens are still exploited.


At this historic turning point of humanity, with the globalized interdependencies at all levels (financial, energy, food, and raw materials), there are no empires to be dismantled and replaced by others. The corresponding burning questions will lead either to pseudo-solutions, or to a global collapse. A settlement through the known warlike (anti mutual aid) historical processes involves, unnecessarily in our view, the death of huge numbers of people, if not of all. But in the misfortune of the overpopulation there is also a glimmer of hope. For the first time in the world there are so many people proportionally with higher education, that it is mathematically a truism that they can participate in the formulation of guiding opinions to escape the present complex crisis. It is perhaps the only opportunity at this stage, rather than repeat the mistakes of the past in a Sisyphean practice, procedures for the reorientation of human priorities to be started.


It is scientifically proven that only in democratic conditions, away from antidialogical fanaticisms and intolerance, there is place for a harmonic coexistence of all. Moreover, such a blissfulness was managed to be lived up to the maximum until today, only in such circumstances, from Hercules Gates to the Black Sea, known through the unmatched achievements of the Golden Century, where a Phidias, an Euripides or an Aristotle managed to bound in the global empyrean.



Note 1: Complementarily see also satellite measurements of temperatures 1979-2008 in

Note 2: To avoid prolixity it is noted that similar arguments and data to the above global warming apply also to the ozone hole. (confront:


Note 3: Is humankind prepared (p. ex. resources) to face 5 years at least of continuous winter, in case of a monstrous volcano explosion? To how many billions the co-respective human victims could be counted?


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