December 2006

Newsletter No 78 European Anthr. Association

News from Greece - ARIS N. POULIANOS


The biography of the well-known anthropologist Dr Aris N. Poulianos circulated in summer 2006 in a well-prepared publication, written by the doctor, cooperator and his companion for 50 years Daphne Poulianos.
The 575 pages book is richly illustrated including 226 photographs, from which the 55 colored. In this book a tour is made in the customs and the beneficial humanitarian traditions of the island of Ikaria, where Aris N. Poulianos was given birth, the heroic National Resistance on the island, as well as on the mainland mountain range Pindos - the unselfish fights for an independent Greece, but also the prosecutions that he has suffered because of this struggle. Extensive report is also given concerning the history and the scientific importance of the famous Archanthropusí Cave in Petralona Chalkidiki (for its beneficial growth he spent all his father's fortune), through unknown incidents and attendances in international congresses.
It is a fascinating narration mainly of last 80 years' events, with continuous inversions, which simultaneously throw light to important moments of the 20th century that influence our present and future.
In (September of) 1968 Aris N. Poulianos was elected Vice-president of the 8th International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences that took place in Tokyo. Thereinafter (1971) he founded the Anthropologic Association of Greece (, where the preface and the cover of biography are included inter alia), as well as the Department of Palaeoanthropology-Speleology of the Greek Ministry of Culture (1977).
During 1979, he was elected in Prague President of the 3rd European Congress of Anthropology, which carried out its works in 1982 at Petralona Ė Chalkidiki, being also a permanent member of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences of UNESCO and the Academy of Sciences of New York.
During 2006 his scientific offer enjoyed an additional recognition: Dr Poulianos was elected member of the Council of European Anthropological Association, honouring once more the name of his country.